Residential Program – Adult Males

House of Hope, Inc. residential program is an open-ended program. The length of treatment stay is determined by the results of assessments conducted by a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor. A team of Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselors and other paraprofessionals work together to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the individual. They are introduced to a 12-Step Philosophy that enables the individual to have a life free of alcohol and drugs.

Consumers attend educational groups and process groups daily. Individual therapy sessions are available daily. Attendance to self-help meetings weekly is required by all clients. Our facility is set up in a dorm-like setting with 4 persons residing in each room.

Our accommodations are comfortable, casual and the 3 daily home cooked meals, appeal to all appetites.

The program at the House of Hope, Inc. is based on the psycho-dynamics of positive peer group therapy, individual counseling and life skills group counseling, emphasizing personal responsibility. This is embellished with films and lectures.

Family involvement in the treatment process is also available and encouraged.

Call 918-786-2930 for more details.

Outpatient – Male, Female, Family

House of Hope, Inc. Outpatient Services consist of group and individual sessions. A complete social assessment is conducted by a Certified Counselor to identify areas of need.

Hours of services are tailored to meet the Consumers schedule when necessary.

Call 918-787-2242 Monday- Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Fridays 8:00am to 4:00pm


The privacy of our consumers and their right to be treated with total confidentiality are carefully guarded at all times.

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