The Intake Coordinator is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 918-786-2930 to answer any questions concerning admissions.

The House of Hope, Inc. offers high quality residential care and out-patient services to those seeking a new way of living free from addiction to alcohol or drugs. It is our responsibility to determine the appropriate level of care needed. The House of Hope provides services to persons who are experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs regardless of race, economic status, national origin, gender or disability.

The House of Hope services are for individuals 18 years and older. Application for treatment begins with a phone call to the Intake Coordinator where they will collect demographic information, medical history and basic overall assessment of the individual.

It is our goal to treat all individuals seeking treatment and strive to remove any barriers possible. If the person wanting help does not meet the admission criteria, we will gladly provide you referrals.

Costs and method of payment may be discussed with the Intake Coordinator and any appropriate arrangements can be made during the admission process. We do not take insurance assignments but will help you file for coverage.

For further information, please call 918-786-2930 and ask for our Intake Coordinator.

Client Comments

This experience saved my life. The House of Hope and its staff are compassionate, understanding and very helpful.

House of Hope is a great treatment center. My needs for emotional problems and drug/alcohol addiction were met.

Very different and unique from other treatment centers. I have learned something here that will stay with me. No other place has given that to me.

The counselors, staff, and facility is awesome. I was treated with respect and dignity. It really changed my life. Thank you.